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Spring Balancer
Hose Reel, Spring Balancer, Quick Release Coupling, Pneumatic and Sockets Accessories
S.P. Engineers manufacture Spring Balancers which are specially designed to free the operator from weight of the tools. The tool can be pulled down with least pressure, without any strain or fatigue. Handling of the tool is very easy as the load and pressure required for operation is counter balanced in the mechanism of the Spring Balancer itself. The operation is free of gravitational force. Main housing and cover plate are manufactured from high tensile light weight aluminum alloy for maximum resistance against impact and ease of handling. Upper support hook assembly and bottom suspension hook assemblies are manufactured of forged steel to provide maximum safety. Standard flexible wire rope is needed for cables to provide good flexibility and fall safety. Unique cable drum design matches the middle turns of spring, where the optimum torque build-up is constant. This design feature provides smooth and even cable tension throughout the entire length of cable travel. External tension adjustment is easily accessible from the floor. Tension can be set at exact requirement through a hardened worm gear system. No Special tools needed. Allows 360 degree rotation. Positions the balancer for easiest cable flow. prolongs cable life.


When selecting a balancer, first consideration should be given to the weight of the load to be balanced (tool plus cable or hose plus other attachment). When the total weight has been determined, the balancer model with the proper tension (weight range) can be chosen balancers have an external device for “on-the-job” tension adjustment. The adjustment range for each model is specified in the selection tables. For maximum operator efficiency and balancer life, the tool balancer should always be mounted directly over the work area, with vertical axis perpendicular to the floor when in use. Working with the load not perpendicular causes operator fatigue and excessive wear on balancer cable and drum. When it is necessary to continuously move the balancer and tool from one position to another, a system of trolley and runways can be used. Contact us for choice of trolleys and runways available.

Cable travel is the total length of cable which can be installed on and pulled out of a balancer. Cable overhang is any additional length of cable attached to or part of the active cable, which is not retracted into the balancer. Overhang cable is often necessary for work area with high ceilings. It is strongly recommended that all balancers mounted overhead have a secondary chain attached, to prevent the possibility of the balancer accidentally falling. The chain attaches to the balancer with the other end attached to a support other than the one that supports the balancer. The length of the chain should be kept to an absolute minimum.

Sheet Metal
Aluminium Die Casting
Reachet Type
Spring Balancer : Sheet Metal - Aluminium Die Casting - Reachet Type
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